Gift Boxes Make Creative Baby Shower Gifts!

Begin by finding an alternative form of "gift box," such as a colorful basket, a canvas toy box, or even an infant bath tub. Ideally, your gift box should be useful and will serve as part of the gift itself. Deciding on a theme for your gift can add an extra element of thoughtfulness.

If you have children, it is helpful to draw upon your past experience as a new parent and assemble a collection of useful gadgets for the parents-to-be. Instead of purchasing one large gift from a registry or wish list, gather up those "can't live without" pieces and parts that made life a little easier when baby arrived.

Some items to consider might be those indispensable lap pads, original cloth diapers, newborn pacifiers, Mylicon gas drops, and a favorite bottle brush. You can also add the useful bottle warmer, Johnson's Bedtime Bath, and the very clever powdered formula dispenser. Often these small items are overlooked on the registry.

Assemble your items inside of the gift box so that each can be seen. Use fillers like tissue paper, wash cloths, diapers, or even a baby blanket. This part can be lots of fun!

To bring your theme together, add a creative card or written explanation of each item and its significance. Or you may want to attach a small hand written gift tag to each item. These little extras will bring a special touch to your gift.

Creative gift boxes are especially fun for the recipient. Instead of opening your gift and setting it aside, they will likely take the time to browse and enjoy.

Most importantly, have fun choosing the items and assembling the gift box. Your thoughtfulness and care will surely be noticed.